the "8 Ender" Club

In order to become a member of the "8 Ender" club, you must be on a team that has scored eight points in one end. Recognition is earned at a local, provincial and national level for such a rare feat.

January 10, 1989, Anne Griffith, Lucille Leach, Margaret Goodacre, Julie Vanderkooi achieved an 8 ender during Tuesday Ladies League play.

November 20, 1982, Velma Hampton, Lois Evans, Nadia Hamoline and Sharon Stamp achieved an 8 ender during "Edelweiss Bonspiel for Ladies."

Norma Graham, Deleen Lychak, Florence Coak and an unknown person made an 8 ender as Norma drew into the house on November 26, 1975. Her team has played the full game one player short. The second and third threw three rocks each.

On November 6, 1969, Fred Shortreid, Dave Shortreid, Ken Shack and Bill Palmer scored an 8 ender during men's league play on Thursday nights. Fred and Dave Shortreid had been playing for over fifteen years. The team was awarded a certificate from "The Cigar Institute of Canada" for their achievements.

Dick Heggie, Vera Heggie, Merle Holland and Bryce Holland made an 8 ender on January 17, 1967. This was Dick Heggie's first 8 ender in nineteen years of curling.

On March 21, 1961, Mel Nunweiller, Leo Degner, Arnold Rennison and Bill Newman scored an 8 ender against Art Lubin, Digna Evans, Dan Hawe and Bill Fowler in a regular Wednesday night game.

In March 1953, Slim Newman, Arnold Rennison, Leo Degner and Alf Nunweiller scored an 8 ender during a mixed square draw tournament. This was the first 8 ender in the history of the Smithers Curling Club.

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